Deceitful Christian Leaders

I decided to compile this list because I have been involved in multiple Christian circles where they have so easily allowed a person into leadership who in no way embodied a Christ-like leader. But many of those leaders did look good and were often times able to hide their hypocrisy from the majority. Because of this many dear Christian brothers and sisters have trusted them and been led astray or devastated by them. This list is based off a look at Judas Iscariot’s life in the Bible. These echo very similar thoughts to John MacArthur’s study of Judas in his book, “Twelve Ordinary Men.”

-You can associate with Christ and those who follow Him, and yet still be lost in sin without ever exercising true repentance and faith.

-Hypocrites are able to work their way into a position of trust, even in the midst of the most discerning of people.

-Many times we trust people too quickly, without knowledge of their background, family, or life.

-Hypocrites can be so good in their deceit that nearly no one would consider them as being un-authentic.

-Hypocrites can be very persistent in continuing their deceit.

-Hypocrites are good at sounding very reasonable. They have become very good at looking and acting like everyone else in their group and are always concerned with what others think of them, instead of what God thinks of them.

-Hypocrites can pretend concern for others especially when there is a selfish motive or a payoff that drives them. Hypocrites generally act like followers of Christ for selfish ambition and greed.

-Hypocrites can hear and even teach the message, but they never truly apply the message. They try to hide this reality under deceit.

-Because hypocrites have never truly been changed by the gospel, the continuing exposure to the truth of God’s Word only hardens their hearts more.

-If a hypocrite is reprimanded, even gently, they become very resentful towards the one who tried to correct them. This is their natural reaction because they never truly do self-examination of their own heart; it would be to convicting and condemning.

Remember, Judas was so good at hypocrisy that he literally fooled everyone except Jesus.

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