The Need for True Reformation

The article listed below is very insightful and worth the read. Discussing why millennials have and are continuing to leave church behind. It’s a sad reality and it’s time churches and individuals start getting real about some of these issues.

I’ve personally been a part of a church that has had a “Reformation Weekend” and have seen many other churches do something similar. At face value many churches seem to value good “Reforms,” however in my personal experience (being part of a local church my entire life) the only actual changes they are willing to make are a change of wording on a statement of faith or doctrinal statement. Don’t get me wrong, this can be very important, but I’ve rarely seen a meaningful change in practice or how they go about things.

Generally speaking, I think church leaders get very defensive when issues are brought to them. Which is understandable as they have to deal with a lot of people expressing their opinions and it’s hard not to take things as a personal attack when in leadership. And I also believe many church goers get worked up about things that really aren’t that important. But there is still great importance in “testing and examining our ways and returning to the LORD” (Lamentations 3:40). This is a huge part of faith in Christ, the idea of constantly seeking the Lord and the need for repentance and to examine our motives and actions. My hope is that all Christian individuals and churches would take the time to honestly examine their ways and seek the Lord.

12 Reasons Millennials are OVER Church


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